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CR&I Leavitt St. Yard then GTW Railport then A Warehouse

Chicago & Indiana State Line Railway built this yard as the Leavitt Street Yard. The C&ISL was acquired by the Chicago River & Indiana Railroad. Then CR&I became part of the NYC empire in Chicagoland.

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Since the CR&I tracks paralleled the GTW tracks, it was easy for GTW to acquire and access this yard. GTW turned it into their intermodal facility and called it Railport Yard. 
After CN acquired GTW, the railyard was no longer needed. Today the land is used for a warehouse building. Trucks have become so dominate that the warehouse has no rail service.

The Railport Yard Days

Chuck Roth posted two photos with the comment: "A couple shots I took of GTs Chicago terminus Railport in late 1993 from the CTA inaugural run of the Orange line."


Chuck Roth posted three photos with the comment: "I shot these February of 1992 I think? But I do know the location is GT RAILPORT near 43rd & Damen, end of the line for the Grand Trunk in Chicago."



Note the container gantry in the left background.
John DeWit Woodlock II posted
CN 9414,9400,9413 @ Railport-Chicago,IL 00 AUG 88.
Richard W. Elleby Good Ole Railport. I miss CN Having that yard. Used to watch CN/ GTW #144 Blast across the Belt Railway Diamonds at Hayford Junction on Summer Afternoons back in the 80's and 90's. I sure miss those days.
Chuck Guzik Back in the day railport was wide open. Every track had lines of bad order nyc/prr/pc rail cars .... one day they were gone. Literally overnight. Gtw orange trucks everywhere then a work train came in to rebuild the trestle and place a switch up on the old passenger main. It was great to see the facilty vibrant again. Multiple switch jobs a day would run down from Elsdon. The crews would stop on the trestle and watch us at the baseball field. Great times!

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One thing that was always very cool. Across 43rd st from Railport was an old stock yard cattle pen still in use during the mid to late 1970s. Large 86ft stock cars. Green sides.... would come in ... not sure who brought them in...... and when reloaded would be run either to 55th st intermodal or the pig facility in Englewood.
From the Conrail archives a Doug Davidson photo.


You can still see some of the tracks left over from its intermodal yard days.

20171122 8168
Railport was originally a NYC intermodal yard. But PennCentral or Conrail closed it because they choose to use their 47th Street Yard. GTW then bought this yard because they could easily access it via a connecting track from their old passenger line. As the photo to the right shows, that connecting track still goes over a wood trestle.

Judging from the label and photos on Google Map, Marina Railport now owns the warehouse building north of 43rd and uses this yard to store containers. Note the faded "Rail Port" and "CN" signs at the entrance to the yard from 43rd Street.
Street View
I'm glad I saved the above street view because it is now (Jan 2020) shows yet another pre-cast box.
Street View

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