Sunday, January 31, 2016

ComEd Substation Building

ComEd used to house substation equipment like transformers in buildings.

Street View North End

Street View South End
Actually, the equipment in the replacement substation across the street is more covered than what I see in the suburbs.

Street View South
Ed Lozanski posted
I learned of this building from a Facebook posting. Notice the "electric light" detail that was included between each window arch.

20151212 7455
In the yuppified northside, they at least build pretty fences. (On Goose Island.)
The ComEd building is now called the Gaitan Building, and it was built in 1925 and has the following real-estate description:
150,000 sf Industrial bldg, all concrete and brick construction, 3 stories, full basement, drive in doors, loading dock, 2 side yards, alley, central location to Chicago skyway and Dan Ryan expressways, 5 blocks to University of Chicago Campus, needs total rehab, short window of availability, no inspections or reports, buy as is! a deal at twice the price!!! (LoopNet)
That web page also mentioned that it has a clear ceiling height of 35 feet. So it sounds like it is really has one very high story. That is, the building is hallow inside. That makes sense for substation use. And many erecting shops are like that with a travelling crane overhead.

ComEd doesn't bother to hide all of their urban substations. The people of the River City Condominiums are "treated" to a regular ugly view of the Taylor Street Substation.

Below are pictures of the substation close to me so you can see how normally open they are.

20140601 0019, north side

south side
This substation is not near public roads. But on may way home I passed one that was near roads and none of that equipment was covered either. I remember that I stopped to take pictures, but I can't find them. However, it is big enough that a satellite image is probably a better view anyhow.


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