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NS/NYC's Englewood Yard and Roundhouse

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(Update: This railyard was rebuilt in 2014 to be a modern intermodal yard.)

Bill Molony posting
Bill Molony posted again
(see below for an enhanced version)
Bill's comment:
The New York Central's Englewood roundhouse on July 9, 1952.
On the left is class S1b 4-8-4 Niagara-type #6020.
On the right is class L2c 4-8-2 Mohawk-type #2856.
In the center are EMD E8A's #4049 and #4048, coming out for the run to New York City with the Twentieth Century Limited.
1938 Aerial Photo from ILHAP
As we have come to expect, it is now an intermodal yard. In this case, it would be Norfolk Southern.

In a later posting, David Daruszka provided an enhanced version as a comment posted
A pair of New York Central E7A's and a PA-1 in lightning stripes await their next assignment at Englewood, Illinois in August of 1949. Photo by staff photographer Ed Nowak.
Jan Christoph Haferkorn In the background is still a coaling tower!
[My main interest is the coaling tower.]

Wayne Koch posted a better image
1957. 4034 4202 4007
[I posted the link to the above photo with the comment: "Your image is a lot better than the one I had already seen."]
Wayne D Drummond This one looks photo shopped. Yours Dennis is probably the RL one.
Warren Banfield Wayne's post may be from the source, say a Kodachrome slide, whereas the one from Dennis could be lithography from a book.
David Crandell what year was the picture from, 1949 or 1957 ?
Warren Banfield Yes I'd say this pic is 1949, with 4007 still in its 1945 paint scheme and 4034 showing off its newly painted silver trucks.

Rod Durham shared a Classic Streamliners post
New York Central Railroad
Passenger power line-up at Englewood, Ill, August 1949. Alco PA No. 4202 is flanked by EMD E7’s 4034 and 4007. Although EMD power is of the same model, variations, especially number boards, can be noted as well as Central’s change in paint scheme. (Photo by Ed Novak).
[So far, I think this is the best exposure of the photo.]

Bill Molony posted
The New York Central's engine house at Englewood on July 9, 1952.
On the left is class S1b 4-8-4 Niagara-type #6020.
On the right is class L2c 4-8-2 Mohawk-type #2856.
In the center is EMD E8A's #4049 and #4048, coming out for the 20th Century Limited overnight run to New York City.

Steve S Czajkowski posted
The Men and their machines, 63rd St.engine house crew pose with their steed .8 \ 29 \40

Bill Molony posted
Two of the Pennsylvania Railroad's new EMD E7A's leading PRR #28, the eastbound Broadway Limited, away from Englewood Union Station in June of 1949.
[The NYC yard was northeast of the NYC mainline, which was northeast of Pennsy's four-track mainline. The cars on the right are probably in the NYC yard.]
Robert Bogie enhancement of a Wayne Koch posting
[The comments indicate this photo was before 1940.]
Bob Lalich I'm fairly certain the coal dock seen in the photo was located just west of the turntable and roundhouse at Englewood.
Dennis DeBruler replied to Bob's comment:
 It looks like the coaling tower serves four tracks. I had assumed that it was over the tracks going to the turntable in Englewood, but I would have thought it would show up better in the 1938 photo. I notice from the boxcars in the yard that the shadows are really long in this photo. I put a red rectangle around where I presume the tower was located.
Bob Lalich That is the spot Dennis DeBruler. Here is a good photo by John Dziobko showing the coal dock and water towers at Englewood. 
[It is well worth the effort to click the link! A closeup of the coaling tower.]
Dennis DeBruler So the coaling tower could service five tracks. And the very close spacing of the bands at the base of the water towers demonstrates how big they are. Looking closer, the tanks are considerably taller than a big locomotive.

The Railroad Nation posted
On December 26, 1955, we drove down to the Englewood New York Central roundhouse, figuring that we would see at least a few in service steam locomotives. It was another cold and cloudy day, typical for Chicago at that time of the year. When we arrived we were surprised to say the least. Two lines of steam locomotives were sitting there waiting for us to photograph them! New York Central S1a 4-8-4 6000 (the class engine built in 1945) is on the left. On the right a line of Hudsons await the call to service. Photo by Juice Junkie.
Bill Molony shared

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