Saturday, January 9, 2016

Nabisco's Rival Dog Food Plant

John's comment:
I was inside this former industrial space at 45th and Tripp the other night. Does anyone know what business was here?I took a photo of what appears to be the mascot for the company tiled into the floor.
John Sigerson posting
John Sigerson posting
Google could not find Tripp, but I did. The building is on the southwest corner.

David L Halun comment
It was closed in 1978. (Notice the "Read selected article" in the upper-right corner.) Nabisco bought it in 1973 just in time for canned wet dog food to be replaced by dry or moist dog food. It is now a rehearsal studio called The Rock Spot. Another comment in the posting indicates that they had Snoopy pictured on their cans in the 1970s.

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